LaunchKit's App Website tool creates and hosts a mobile-ready, smart solution for anyone who needs to quickly launch a website for their app.
LaunchKit Makes Building Landing Pages For Mobile Apps Ridiculously Easy
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If you need to create or update a website for your app, this free tool by @LaunchKit makes it simple.
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Loving @LaunchKit tonight. App website in a handful of clicks, all scraped from App Store listing.
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Beautiful Templates

LaunchKit provides simple and attractive designs for your website.

Instantly create using App Store content

If you're app is in the App Store, LaunchKit can generate page in seconds with your content and branding.

Device-specific badges

If someone visits your page on an iPhone, they don’t need to see an Android download badge. We only show them download triggers for the platform they’re on.

Optimized for sharing

Your site's metadata has all the appropriate tags to make converting new users from social media as effective as possible.

App Websites Pricing

Start for Free and go Pro when you need more

  • Basic
    Custom Landing Page
    App Store Generation
    iPhone Screenshots
  • Pro
    Coming Soon
    Remove LaunchKit Branding
    Privacy Policy & Terms Pages
    iPad Screenshots